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Mother cat brought kittens to my house

I live on the first floor in a four floors building, so it was easy for Princessa to drop in anytime she felt like it, lulled by the smell of cats' food in Hazelnut's food bowl.

One day, she brought me her four kittens. She placed them in the cardboard box that used to be Hazelnut's bed, in the small room with the laundry machine. I had her fixed afterward, and the kittens had grown up and left.

Cats love sleeping in beds, especially in winter. They spend so much time sleeping, dreaming, and just resting. Here's an unusual-looking bed shaped like a doughnut, pink and extra fluffy, cozy and warm. Gentle on arthritic joints of elder felines. There are other color options. Click to view this gorgeous cats' bed.

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